Kristen Moran Harpula

I’m a Vancouver-based writer who enjoys meeting people, getting outdoors, trying all of the delicious food our gorgeous city has to offer and having great conversations with my friends and family, who I cherish deeply.

I was that kid who always asked, “Why?”

Growing up, I always wanted to learn as much as I could about any given subject and then share this new information with pretty much anyone that would listen. In short, I loved asking questions, sharing info and telling stories – and I still do. That thirst for knowledge continued to grow throughout my life and my passion for the written word grew along with it.

After spending some time traveling, living abroad and gaining some essential life experience, I went back to school to pursue my passion of writing.

Professional Background

Since attending the Journalism Program at Langara College, I have gained over five years’ experience writing for newspapers, magazines, online publications and blogs – covering everything from municipal politics to local restaurants to mining projects in Brazil. I enjoy writing about anything and everything and feel confident in my ability to alter my style and tone to fit different audiences.

My most recent role was Editor/Social Media Manager at Noomii.com, the web’s largest directory of life, career and business coaches.

During my time there, I created a content strategy, publishing schedule, lead-generating email sequences, keyword optimized content and reports to analyze SEO, website traffic and conversions. I launched email and social media campaigns that increased brand awareness and drove website traffic and assigned topics to coaches/contributors for our two blogs – the Coach Marketing Blog and the Noomii Career Blog.  I also promoted the content on various social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Google+.

Besides assigning articles to upwards of 30 contributors and editing their work, I also conducted interviews with career coaches and their clients and wrote articles for our career blog.

Prior to Noomii, I worked at the Investing News Network as a reporter and, through that position, expanded my knowledge of the mining industry and the stock market and learned how to share valuable information with investors through the various commodity-focused websites. I covered a variety of resources including gold, uranium, iron, oil, natural gas, manganese, vanadium and more recently cannabis, aluminum and tin have been added to my roster.

At INN I was responsible for researching and writing compelling articles for the various commodity specific websites, managing the content and design and preparing daily and weekly round-ups and newsletters. I was also responsible for sharing the content on various social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, to help further engage readers.

I spent some time as a freelancer, writing business profiles for the Yellow Pages Group. I found the networking very beneficial and I was able to utilize my photography skills. The job required me to interview, take photos and write a 500-word profile about the business, incorporating quotes from the manager to breathe life into the story.

I also gained valuable magazine-writing experience through my job as an editorial assistant at Where Vancouver magazine. Learning about the ins and outs of the magazine world and having the opportunity to write for them not only expanded my horizons, it opened my eyes to the world of magazine writing.

Before the magazine, I began my journalism career as a reporter at the Vancouver Courier newspaper, first as an intern and then as a freelance writer. My time at the newspaper taught me a lot about politics, as I frequently covered municipal issues around Vancouver. I learned a lot and enjoyed working on a strict deadline and having a large audience reading my work. What’s more, I was able to cover issues and events that mattered to me.

With a wide range of job experience I have gained since graduation, I feel confident in my skills and look forward to where my career will take me!

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